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Made in Germany

100% Spaßfaktor

Meine schlechten Erfahrungen mit Standard-Trainingsringen

"Ich hatte mit Wunden an meinen Unterarmen zu kämpfen, als ich Ring Dip mit Standard-Trainingsringen trainierte. „Die Riemen auf der Haut waren ein großer Schmerzpunkt und für mich als Produktdesigner inakzeptabel.“
Ben, Produktdesigner, Trainer und Erfinder von CALIRING.

Customer Reviews

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David Riding
The Caliring: The Ultimate Fitness Tool for Every Level of Training

I'm usually sceptical of new fitness products, but when I first saw a demo of the Caliring from Big Ben, I was immediately struck by it's potential, because not only is it well made, the design makes it suitable for a wide range of exercises and movements, by anyone from beginner home workouts, to super advanced gymnastics and calisthenics. I even tried the pistol squat function. You can see a lot of thought went into the design of the product.

Outstanding Product, Exceptional Craftsmanship: Highly Recommended for Everyone

When I touched the CALIRING, I thought wow. They feel really good. I like extremely good that it is made of wood. I have done rings muscles up, handstands, pull ups and dips and I find very very awesome. This is so awesome for my pull ups. I like the grip very good. I will definitely be creative. I find it so exciting.

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