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The CALIRING is a portable and multi-use training tool, that was designed for those who want to train the whole body efficiently anywhere.  

CALIRING allows fast alternation between hang (workout ring) and floor (parallettes) exercises due to a new quick-release buckle system.

CALIRING helps you achieve your goals, keeping you away from injuries. Due to an  ergonomic 7° grip handle that guarantees an healthy position for the wrists when used as a paralllettes on the floor. And makes no scratch’s on your forearm, when used as workout rings, since the straps don’t pass around the ring.

Expected delivery dates of 1st Batch

This item is a pre-order scheduled to ship on January 2023.

Please note: the 1st production batch have limited stock. If the first batch is sold out, the next units will ship on March 2023.

However, delays can occur, so please be mindful if we experience delays. :)

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping only to EU member states. Your order will ship from Germany, where our production is located. 30-day return guarantee.

Features and Details

Total weight: 2.1kg

Total Dimensions: 23x10x3.2cm

Straps length: 5m

Quick-release buckle to connect the straps. No more straps around the ring rubbing the skin.

Parallettes setup handle length: 16cm

Parallettes setup height: 10cm

Parallettes setup handle angle: 7°


2 years


Beech Wood from reforestation

Stainless Steel Quick-release Buckle

Fabric Straps

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